01. PlayMaker's end product is

Focused on institutions

Since the main goal of the project is to become the standard for sports science in general, PlayMaker, along with its crowdfunding campaign, is leaning towards partnering up with associations, clubs, and other sports organizations.

These entities will be able to utilize the power of the PlayMaker platform by implementing it into their business governance and make their organization more secure, efficient, and fan-friendly.

PlayMaker ecosystem, along with all its moving parts, is decentralized.

That means that every PlayMaker's partnering organization will have full freedom in governing their own micro-system on the PlayMaker network. The PlayMaker Chain Company will never be able to access, change, or in any way use confidential data stored by its partners on the decentralized blockchain system.

Moreover, by running nodes with PMK cryptocurrency, PlayMaker's partners will be able to secure the network they use and earn rewards in form of transaction fees for network traffic.

Therefore, not only will PlayMaker cut a variety of costs for our institutional partners, but it is also a potentially game-changing investment.

02. here are three ways for your institution to

Become a PlayMaker Partner

Become an advisor

As a PlayMaker advisor, not only that your organization helps the creation of a revolutionary ecosystem, but it also gains a special bonus either for crowdfunding or in the form of a discount for the finished product.

Invest early

If your organization recognizes the PlayMaker project,  invest during the private round of our crowdfunding and earn the right to receive the product in the Beta testing phase with all available support.

Join the development

The PlayMaker development team is always open for joining forces with IoT devices development companies. Our partnership would surely be mutually beneficial as our product will disrupt the sports science business.

There is a possibility that PlayMaker will enter other kinds of partnerships with various entities form the world of media, marketing, etc., depending on the project’s needs during the given period.

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