So, recently, we received some questions about the reasons behind our decision to go with VeChain for the cornerstone of the PlayMaker system.

We always taught that this could even be self-explanatory, but maybe we have just been inconsiderate or haven’t yet explained thoroughly our point of view. Therefore, we’re going to briefly (maybe) explain why we have chosen VeChain’s blockchain for building the engine under the PlayMaker’s hood.

IoT heavy

Since the basic idea behind PlayMaker is to connect various kinds of sports training measuring devices with blockchain, we found that, regarding the readiness of the network to perform such a task, VeChain is by far the most advanced.

Our lead developer Sonia John describes our solution as “IoT heavy” and that is just what it is as the whole idea revolves around efficient IoT + blockchain solutions.

As is well known, VeChain has a well rounded and proven IoT capability demonstrated in various supply chain use cases, and especially in their partnership with a Norwegian shipping giant DNV GL (Fun fact: Did you know that Norwegian royal family acted and signed as witnesses during the contract signing ceremony?).

To be complementary

Regarding PlayMaker’s basic philosophy, you can say that we are a bit distanced from the classic blockchain development state of mind.

Building a use case-oriented system obliges one to utilize the best tools at his disposal without compromising or competing with the source technology just for the sake of it. That is the core reason why we have chosen to fork VeChain. It provides the best available foundation stone to build PlayMaker on.

Since PlayMaker travels in a comparable but different direction, of course, we will have to tweak various aspects of the code in order for it to gel with our idea of decentralized and trustworthy sports science and business solution. Furthermore, the VeChain basics will allow us to seamlessly implement any network updates and bug fixes.

dApps needed

PlayMaker will exclusively rely on dApps to produce a user-friendly environment for sports institutions to navigate and utilize for their benefit, and VeChain has that capability.

There is a wide variety of dApps already running on the VeChain network, presenting a great role model for us to be able to learn from and apply to our system.

Some of those are:

  • Oceanex
  • Mlily Healthcare (Partner of Manchester United FC)
  • Carbon Bank with DNV GL
  • BitOcean
  • Renault Digital Car Maintenance book

The list can be found HERE

Thumbs up for VeChain

Last but not least, if you don’t have the support of the team whose technology you are using, you will probably have a much tougher time developing your product, and VeChain developers have been more than helpful.

When you experience something like that, you realize how the blockchain and crypto development community can be diametrically different from the “Bitcoin SV Vs. Bitcoin ABC and the rest of the world” soap opera we have been witnessing during the last few months.

Come to think of it, cooperation and collaborating should be embedded into the very core of the blockchain philosophy.

I will leave you with that thought for now.

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