We are excited to announce that PlayMaker has started a partnership with the Croatian design team, Yan Kamov.

Since every business needs an identity, we have decided to entrust the visual aspect of ours to this talented team, which will take care of the majority of details concerning PlayMaker visual branding.

As agreed, Yan Kamov will start with all illustrations and whitepaper design. However, as we dive deeper into the development, they will take on many other designing tasks and follow the project towards the end product.

“Sports are a huge business,” stated Yan Kamov’s Tomislav MatiΔ‡ regarding the PlayMaker’s perspective. “It is important that sports organizations encounter a great use case, and PlayMaker has more than interesting idea, so we decided to contribute in our own way,” he concluded a short statement.

Our blog will continue to report on all further developments. Of course, tune back in to be the first to hear about Yan Kamov’s design masterpieces they are producing for the PlayMaker project.

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